New: Light and Sound

Light & Sound - Stylish lighting for an excellent audio experience.


Art Collection - Spring 2013

One-of-a-kind lights for individualists

After the great success of our Art Collection, we are very pleased to present the special series of Spring 2013. It concerns uniquely designed individual lights in 5 colours and in 100% solid-coloured material suitable for any kind of outdoor use.


German Industry Award 2013 for the Moonlight Active Sound System


The INDUSTRIEPREIS is an award for enterprises with a high economic, social, technological and ecological benefit.

The jury of experts conferred the BEST OF 2013 rating to:

Moonlight International GmbH, Moonlight Active Sound System

The thus distinguished enterprise convinced the jury particularly and is now counted among the top flight of more than 500 applications submitted.

World novelty: Art Collection Unique


None of the UNIKATE is alike; each one has an incomparable nuance-richness of light.

Here we have a unique and individually formed light made of 100% coloured material, designed too for the unlimited outdoor use.

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25.07.13     14:29
Moonlight Sound

Light & sound - Stylish lighting for an excellent audio experience.

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25.07.13     14:28
Innovation Award - Deutsche Wirtschaft

Moonlight GmbH belongs to the top 15 finalists of the current year Innovation Award –...

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25.07.13     14:24
Moonlight “Moving” the first self-navigating Light

The World novelty „Moving" as a programmable, self- navigating light was presented by Moonlight...

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